Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Money, Money, Money

Pay for Play

     The NCAA is contemplating a policy where they would pay athletes $2000 a year for incidentals.   Citing the need for cash to pay for laundry, incidentals, traffic tickets... 

     Hmmm, something to think about.  On one hand they do bring in a boatload of cash to the universities - on the other hand they do receive tuition, books, room, and board.    Where will this additional money come from?   Whenever a financial decision like this one is made, somebody loses.  A personal anecdote, when Title IX was instituted, Oregon's athletic department had to come up with additional funds to shift to women's athletics.  One small way was to drop the partial tuition scholarship I was receiving as an athletic trainer.   Decisions to fund have an effect that is not always seen by the public, but is felt by the little guy, or usually someone not in the mainstream public eye.  U of O athletes receive the equivalent of approximately $20,000 per year in assistance.   Many working stiffs don't bring home that much.   My opinion - this is more than enough.  If they need an allowance, they can ask their folks.

Pay the Piper, er.. Piper to Pay?

    Prior to this year, the U of O has allowed guest groups to perform at halfttime at basketball games.  Following their performance, they were allowed to watch the game if it was not sold out.  This year, they will charge performers $12 for men's games and $3 for women's.  Wow, is the University so strapped for cash that they need to charge groups to provide them with entertainment?   Seems backwards, doesn't it?   Oh now I get it, this will help to pay the athletes their $2000...   
     I have heard there is a movement to change our mascot from the familiar Donald image to that of Scrooge McDuck to keep with the athletic department's recent outlook.

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