Monday, August 29, 2011

Are You Ready For Some Foosball?

When the Redskins played Baltimore in exhibition action the other day, a Duck picked off a Duck.   Talmadge Jackson intercepted Kellen Clemens' fourth quarter pass.  The significance in this?   Ducks are everywhere in the NFL.   It used to be that you might see one or two U of O alums playing with the big boys, but last year 30 players on 20 different teams earned active roster spots.   I'm not a real big NFL fan, but I like to watch games when I can cheer for former Ducks.

LSU has outdone us in pre-season problems!   While we wait for more information on the Willie Liles investigation, the LSU arrests makes our situation look pretty insignificant.  The question always posed is what is wrong with these kids and why aren't we doing a better job of teaching them how to behave.   Now I know this idea seems pretty drastic, but how about making players live in a supervised complex with imposed curfews?   This might help with some late-night poor decisions.   I know, you can't supervise them all the time, but this could start the ball rolling.

And now as we are only a few days away from the season opener, I am going to prepare myself by watching The Waterboy for the 207th time. 

Its time for the Ducks to open a can of whoop ass
'an go on out and play that foosball!

Saturday, August 27, 2011

Vacation Revelations

Well, we're back from vacation and I have to say, I learned some things.


1. If you think it's hot here in Oregon now, Florida is miserable hot. I just can't imagine how some midwest or northwest kid would fare in the heat of daily doubles in Florida.  We were actually excited to coming back to the prospect of rain.

2. Never get in the way of a woman from New Jersey, the carnage would be too much for anyone to handle.


3. If you are an American, a visit to Disney World in August will put you in the minority.    French, British, Welsh, Scottish, Brazilian, anywhere from Central or South America - all of these will outweigh the guests from the good 'ole USA.

 4. Wear Duck gear anywhere and sooner rather than later someone will give you a "Go Ducks".   Our first day at Disney World a guy with a Dennis Dixon jersey came over to chat about the upcoming season.    One lady in passing said, "Go Ducks, class of '86".  Another guy nearly choked on his turkey leg while screaming "Go Ducks" when he spotted my hat.

5. If you act like you are just catching up with someone in your party, you can cut in line.   Saw this tactic work more than once.

Finally, after a non-stop, breakneck pace set by my oldest daughter,
I need a vacation from my vacation!

Friday, August 12, 2011

A Little Nicked Up?

The recent tirade by Alabama coach Nick Saban prompted by reports of Alabama injuries just confirmed my opinion of him.

Maybe a little too much public ego involved in his coaching, you can't be on the cover of Forbes Magazine every month.

Sure, every coach has to have a bit of an ego, but Nick, geez, stop reading message boards about your team.   Inaccuracies, speculation, and gossip are all a part of boards.   If it was real journalism (are you listening RG?), they would double check their sources.  All this because you were voted pre-season #2?   Calm down and coach your team, isn't that what they pay you the $4 million a year to do?  Be careful Tide Hopeful, if it gets a little too rough you might just lose your coach like the Dolphins did after the 2006 season.

Thursday, August 4, 2011

City of Gold

      Just finished watching 3 hours of Detroit In Overdrive, the Discovery Channel's documentary series on the resurgence of the Motor City.   With my familial ties to Detroit, it was great to see some positive light shed on what once was the proud center of auto manufacturing for the U.S.

But what really got me going was a rapper by the name of DraeTown.   
     At first you think, another gangster wannabe, but after just a few seconds you realize this guy is different.   He has no wants nor claims to the negatives of street life - and his message is all positives, taking me on a trip down memory lane in his "City of Gold".   It may not have much meaning to anyone who hasn't spent time in Detroit, but it got me going - and definitely yearning for a Faygo Red Pop!

Anyway, give it a listen (and give it time, it has sound bars and credits in the beginning).    

   Did I mention he is working on his PhD and aims to be a school superintendent?

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Wake Up Call

     With Joey Harrington's bicycle accident this weekend, I hope everyone takes the time to remind you and yours to wear a helmet when they ride.   Joey's dad, John, believes his son was saved by wearing a helmet.   He is set to be released from the hospital soon, only suffering cuts, a broken collarbone, and a collapsed lung.  Hearing of this news reminded me that I owed a rant on Joey and his career with the Lions.   So here we go.
     When I heard Joey had been drafted by my Lions, I had conflicting emotions.    First, a whoop for him going to the Lions and then, a sigh for him going to the Lions.    Elation that he might bring the Lions back to the win column, but realistically knowing he might just end up as cannon fodder for opponents' D-linemen and the Detroit media.   Unfortunately my fears were realized.   Despite his optimism and winning attitude, he couldn't resuscitate the dismal Lion franchise.   The front office was largely a joke, having hired Matt Millen as their CEO and president.
     What a move, the Ford family hired a guy with absolutely no front office experience.   That would be like having me do your knee surgery - I've watched one, so hand me the scalpel.   Millen proceded to state that Joey was not really his guy.   Nice way to instill confidence in your leader.   It only took the Lions 8 years to realize that Millen had to go. 

     Typical thinking of the Lion ownership, the Fords hoped things will get better with time - uh huh.  During Millen's tenure he failed to acquire any quality offensive linemen or reliable skill players.    From what I saw he wanted Joey to fail - what a moron!   Obviously you can tell I am not a member of the Matt Millen fan club. 

     "Captain Comeback" is out of football now - but Duck fans will always remember if he was on the field, we had a chance, no matter the score.   Maybe he didn't have the strongest arm, maybe he wasn't the fleetest of foot, but he had that intangible of being a winner.   Oh, and by the way, his revenge - he made a boat load of money from the Lions!