Sunday, November 13, 2011

Tree Trimmed

  Dismantled.  That's how I would describe what Oregon did to Stanford.   The coaches concocted a near perfect game plan to take down Stanford, and the team executed it at an unbelievable level.  Sprinkle in a new extra point and you have a such an entertaining game that I'm on my 3rd viewing.  

   Improvement over the course of a season is what all programs strive for.   Oregon has definitely accomplished this since the LSU game.  The greatest improvement has been with the defensive line.  The Washington game showed what the D line could do and the Stanford game showed what they will do.  Coach Jerry Azzinaro has made this unit into a defensive force that should make the final two games very interesting for their opponents. 

The Winged Zed for UW game and the Stanford game goes to
 Coach Jerry Azzinaro and his D Linemen

Next up, the Ohio State of the West, USC.

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