Wednesday, March 27, 2013

It's Real Easy Being Green

To change a line from Kermit's song, it's easy to wear the Green and Lemon (oops, I mean Lightning Yellow) these days.    With the success of our football team, the volleyball team, the indoor track and field teams, and now men's basketball, baseball, and softball - being a Duck is something to be proud of.   

The only real negative is the women's basketball team.   In the last 3 years under Paul Westhead they have managed just one year over
.500 in 2010 at 18-16.   His record during his stay has been a disappointing 50-76 and not exactly winning over the fans.    This season was an embarrassing 4 - 27, worst in school history!  The Guru of Go is more like the Guru of Gone.  With the hefty price Oregon paid to lure him here, they are probably going to ride out the remainder of his contract (2 more seasons) instead of paying him to Go. 

An obvious front runner for his job is former Oregon player, Kirsten (McKnight) Moore.   Her Westmount College Warriors just won the NAIA national championship and posted a 31-4 record.   The problem is she's going to be a hot commodity - will she wait until the Oregon athletic department is through paying a coach for his reputation?    Doubtful, but we can hope.

In the meantime, we have the hoops team in the Sweet 16,

the 12th ranked baseball team, the 10th ranked softball team,

and both track teams in the top 10!
It's good to be a Duck

Sunday, March 17, 2013

One For The Little Guy

     When Tourney MVP Johnathan Loyd hit his 2nd shot of the night in the Pac 12 Championship game, I texted a buddy of mine "Johnny Loyd is gonna go off for 20, just wait".    Like the Black Eyed Peas, "I got a feelin", and that feeling was the little guy would play a major factor.   In front of his hometown crowd, he hit for 19, ever so close to my gaze into the crystal ball.   My detractors will say sure you did!   But I have proof, I kept the text on my cell phone.   Why all the hoopla over my statement?  It seems my predictions seldom are correct, but sound reasonably plausible at the time.  It just feels good to be right once in a while.

     I had to wonder, perhaps, was Big Bill broadcasting in an altered state.    He certainly knows his Eugene area geography taking us with him on a "trip" through the area on his never-ending ramblings that have nothing to do with the game.  I shouldn't complain, at least we aren't having to dwell on what might have been a bad call for 10 minutes as was the habit of a previous local announcer (rhymes with Giant Sundae).  

Now to a prediction I am happy to say was way off.   As I left work on the night of the first tourney game, I said, "One and done?"    Glad to have the Ducks prove me wrong.    On to the NCAA's!  Speaking of the little guy, a 12th seed for Oregon and UCLA gets a 6th?   Is the selection committee smoking with Bill, c'mon!