Saturday, July 19, 2014

All-Star Bests & Worsts

Recent year's All Star games have been a bit of a snooze, but this year's edition kept me watching from start to finish. It even got cheers from from my 2 year old grandson!  The following gives you an idea of my hits and misses from Tuesday's classic.

Miggy HR


Adele Dazeem's rendition of Forever Young & The National Anthem

Jeter's 2 hits in his final All-Star Game


Adam Wainwright not keeping his mouth shut

 Mad Max picking up the win


Victor Martinez not getting to play


Fernando Rodney shooting his arrow into the Minnesota night


John Lester and Chris Sale letting the NL back in the game

Gotta finish with a Best:
V Mart can't play, roster spot opens up for Ian Kinsler

Friday, July 11, 2014

Best Minor League Mascots

Minor League Baseball is, and should be, all about the entertainment.   The following are my top 15 mascots in the bush leagues, but with questions:

#15 - New Orleans Zephyrs
  Do orthodontists get in free?

          #14 - Richmond Flying Squirrels
           Is Bullwinkle a season ticket holder?


#13 - Akron Rubber Ducks
  Is bathtub seating available?


               #12 - Jupiter Hammerheads
                 Does the organist play Mack The Knife?


#11 - Toledo Mud Hens
  Do they ever call them the Mudville 9?

                    #10 - Vermont Lake Monsters
                      Does Nessie do play by play?

#9 - Hickory Crawdads
  What is crawfish pie?

 #8 - Montgomery Biscuits
  Can you get gravy with that?

#7 - Albuquerque Isotopes
  Do your players glow at night games?

#6 - Eugene Emeralds
 Did you get a permit to cut that tree?

#5 - Lansing Lugnuts
  Do your players ever get torqued off?


        #4 - El Paso Chihuahuas
         Did the mascot ever work for Taco Bell?
                                "Yo Quiero"

#3 - Batavia Muckdogs
   Do you have any players named Bouche'?


                                    #2 - Casper Ghosts
                                    Are you friendly?

#1 - Las Vegas 51's
How come ET's never calls us?

Monday, July 7, 2014

Return To Innocence

Following the anniversary of arguably the most famous speech given in sport,
I wonder will we ever see the likes of someone as gracious as Lou Gehrig in pro sports?     I can't think of one athlete that can hold a candle to the Iron Horse.   Not in football, not in today's baseball, not in my beloved hockey, and certainly not in basketball.  Money has made all the difference.  Guys like Gehrig played because they genuinely loved the game, still retaining some of that child-like innocence that we all had when we first picked up a bat.   Do me a favor, after you listen to Robert Redford, go dig out that glove and go play catch with your kids or grandkids.   See if some of that joy you experienced trickles back to you.   I think you might be surprised.