Monday, December 30, 2013

Thumbs Up & Thumbs Down

Marcus Mariotta returning for next year. 
Hawaii 5-0 theme will play again!

The Lions losing 6 of their last 7 to drop out of the playoffs.

Firing Jim Schwartz.  I usually empathize with coaches, having personally seen both the highs and the lows, but the Lions were not getting better and Schwartz had 5 years to move the Lions up another level.  It didn't happen.   So, he's gone.   Don't feel too badly, he gets the rest of his $12 million contract.

The Cleveland Browns firing Rob Chudzinski after one year!   Wow, talk unrealistic expectations by the Browns front office.  A turn around in one year?   Sure, and I hope you enjoy spend your lottery winnings when you cash in that winning ticket....

The Ducks Men's BB team on a roll
heading into the Pac-12 season.

Red Wings injuries.

ROKU streaming players!

Watching Netflix so much you realize it's
4 in the afternoon and you still have your pajama's on!

Those of you who read my blog.

Those of you who don't.

The NHL Winter Classic and the Olympic Hockey Tournament!

Happy New Year to you and yours 
or, as they say in Detroit, 
Happy New Year to yous.

Sunday, December 22, 2013

Turn Out The Lights, The Party's Over....

      Original Monday Night Football commentator, Dandy Don Meredith, would croon his way through the old Willie Nelson song at the end of each broadcast.  It seems a fitting theme song for the failing and flailing Detroit Lions.   What happened to the 6 - 3 record and a lead in the NFC North?  It turned into a 7 - 8 record, not good enough for a spot in the post season.   Too many NFL analysts had said this is a team with top talent that should be a strong contender, but instead the only way they will get into the playoffs is to buy a ticket to watch. 


     I usually refrain from attacking coaches, having experienced the hounds at my door, but this has become too much for even the most understanding of Lion's fan to endure.   Ownership needs to start their search immediately for a replacement - and the new guy needs to possess the ability to rein in stupidity and inspire a blase' team into realizing their potential. 


     Additionally, they need to take off the rose colored glasses and call out Matt Stafford on his poor play.   Get him some help!!!  He might change, but the right mentor needs to be put in place - one more time, Jeff Tedford will you take a call?

"Turn out the lights, the party's over,
They say that all good things must end.
Let's call it a night, the party's over,
And tomorrow (and next year) starts the same old thing again"

With no change at the top, Lion Faithful will, in fact, 
face the same old thing, again. 

Monday, December 16, 2013

Say Goodnight Alice

     Emeralds manager John Underwood would mutter this phrase when one of our pitchers sent an opponent to their bench after a called 3rd strike.   After tonight's Monday Night loss by the Lions, I believe it is fitting to mutter it again.

     It comes down to the mental aspect of the game, something we have repeatedly seen the Lions lack.  Both concentration and discipline just simply disappear at the oddest of times.  Monday, Detroit's most reliable player, Calvin Johnson, seemed to fall victim to cranial flatulence.  Truly one of the NFL greats, he let two passes clank off his hands at critical times in the game.

     The best quote comes from Jimmy Johnson who said the Lions have the talent to win it all, if only they could get out of their own way. Detroit had chances to cement themselves on top of the NFC North.  Last week's loss to the Eagles and tonight's loss to the Ravens has them on the outside looking in, doubtful for a playoff berth.

     A change is inevitable in the coaching staff in Detroit, Jim Schwartz's job in on life support and the plug is about to be pulled.

     The obvious is painfully clear, Detroit has stagnated.  For the Lion fan you have to dwell on a fact that haunts us all, the Lions are the only non-expansion team failing to make a Super Bowl appearance.   No chance that will change after this season.

Say goodnight Alice, the Lions have turned off the lights.

Saturday, November 30, 2013

Credit Past Due

     It is past time to right a wrong.   How many of us have seen the original animated "How The Grinch Stole Christmas"?    Only a few didn't raise their hands, the rest of us started humming one of the great tunes from this holiday special.  But the most famous of songs, "The Grinch Song", has never been credited to the singer.

His name, Thurl Ravenscroft (not made up).   

     For Disneyphiles, he is also several voices in Disneyland and Disney World.  My favorite, the singing busts in the Haunted Mansion.  

He is Uncle Theodore, second head from the left, singing the lead.

For Sugar Frosted Flakes slurpers, he was Tony The Tiger.

Because of this totally unacceptable neglect towards Mr. Ravenscroft,
I hereby declare 
December 15th as Thurl Ravenscroft Day.

Sunday, November 24, 2013

Accentuate The Positive....

I have been reminded to stop dwelling on the negative and look towards the bright side of things as we enter the holiday season.

OK, uh....

Burns native and Oregon Alum, Kellen Clemens has led 
the St. Louis Rams to 2 straight wins.

The Duck Men's basketball team is off to a great start 
and has added some exciting new faces.

The Red Wings are playing good enough to 
stay close to the leaders in their division of the NHL.

The Lions are still holding on 
to the top spot in their division.

The Tigers look like they will be able to hang on
to Cy Young winner, Max Scherzer,
 after unloading Prince Fielder's huge contract.

Baylor lost, too.

There, you happy?

Saturday, November 23, 2013

Just Shut Up, Already

My favorite quote comes from Abraham Lincoln, "Better to remain silent and be thought a fool than to speak out and remove all doubt."   When Josh Huff and De'Anthony Thomas popped off about their disdain for the Rose Bowl, one of the most prestigious bowls in existence, they set their team up for failure.  Stupid, is all I can think to say, and we all know what Uncle Si has to say about that,

I would ask you two about the Civil War, but you probably think it's no big deal, either.  I wonder how excited Oregon State is about the game?   Oh and by the way, the bouquet of Roses waiting for you at home is from Stanford.  The card simply says, Thanks.

Friday, October 18, 2013

Cheers & Jeers

For Super Mariota!   On the short list for the Heisman, many pro scouts have him at the top of their board for the upcoming draft (stay, Marcus, stay).  And, finally, finally, he got to play in the 4th quarter sending the Dogs to their renovated kennel with their tails between their legs.

At Johnny Manziel, leading his team mates in a prayer on the sidelines before last weekend's A & M's game winning FG.  C'mon, if God cared about football, Notre Dame would never lose or have gone through the embarrassing Manti Te'o fiasco.

For sure-thing AL Cy Young winner, Max Scherzer has been incredible!  Regular season winner of 21 games, Mad Max has only given up 4 runs and struck out 24 in 16 innings of post season play. 

At the Tiger bullpen, sheesh.  GM Dave Dombroski should be on the phone NOW to any top free agent reliever.  Open up the wallet, Mr. Ilitch!

To the new look Red Wings currently topping the standings in the Atlantic Division of their new home in the Eastern conference.

For the greed of the Oregon Athletic Department dropping a Eugene travel agency in favor of a Texas-based firm to save a paltry $30,000 (drop in the bucket for the U of O Athletic Dept.)  Nice gesture for the locals, now the U of O is contributing to Oregon unemployment.    I would think the last business venture the Ducks had in Texas would have left a sour taste, but I guess not.   Anybody know if Willie Lyles does airline rez?

For me, finally getting my wife a new car (this may earn me a jeer, as well, for waiting so long).  Her old one had no heater and the shocks were so shot it was like riding a roller coaster.  By the way, the hamsters did not come standard.


For the Duck's Colt Lyerla leaving the team in mid-season.   Obviously his agenda was more important than the team's.   Good bye to a problem child, hello to Johnny Mundt and Pharoah Brown.

To my daughter for leading her junior class to a win over the seniors in their annual dance competition! 

To me for not writing anything in such a long time.
What a pathetic excuse for a blogger!

Tuesday, August 6, 2013

College Job Opportunity

It is apparent that college athletes need more supervision, I propose to the NCAA a new job that college teams should be required to fill.  It would be called the Supervisor of Bozo's or S.O.B. for short.   These S.O.B.'s would be in the hip pocket of the screw ups to make sure they stay within the team and NCAA guidelines.  I could be an S.O.B. with a bit of pushing and welcome the chance to be paid to be an S.O.B.   They would answer to a board from the NCAA.  This board would be known as the Assertive Scholastic Supervisory  Enforcement Section or A.S.S.E.S.   Just to be clear, the S.O.B.'s would answer to the A.S.S.E.S.

Cases in point:

Johnny Manziel
A case of too much too soon.   Add to that a kid of privilege that has probably been entitled all his life.  In an article with ESPN, his Dad talks about Johnny's temper and his drinking to cope.  OK, Dad put the hammer down, I know if my parents had told me to buck up at age 20, I would have listened.  Or is it too late to start parenting at this point.  Reports indicate A & M will likely be starting a new QB this season.  "Johnny Football" needs a real S.O.B. to keep him on campus - one that will take away his Sharpie, turn off his cell phone, and set his alarm clock.  Remember this kid initially committed to Oregon - glad he changed his mind.   Really makes you appreciate Mariota now, doesn't it?

Jeremy Hill 
LSU recently reinstated Hill after this twice guilty idiot avoided incarceration for the second time.   He had been in trouble once for a reprehensible act while a high school senior, but this time he sucker punched a guy, sending him to the hospital.   He needs an S.O.B. to jack his jaw and then put him on a leash.  I have to say coach Les Miles really needs to grow a pair.   I understand second chances and have promoted them on this blog, but this is his third chance - how many does he get?  Would a 2nd stringer been given this many opportunities?

Michael Dyer

List of matriculation:
Auburn (2 years) - kicked off team for failing drug tests
 transferred to
Arkansas State - never played a game after he was pulled over for speeding and police confiscated a gun in his trunk
enrolled at
Arkansas Baptist - awarded an Associate of Arts degree
headed for
Louisville - where coach Charlie Strong has stated "there will be zero tolerance" of violating the team's five core values, which include no drugs and no guns.  Geez, thanks for spelling that out for me, I thought it would be OK for the kids to dope it up and shoot off a few rounds.  The S.O.B. for Dyer should have his bags packed, no telling where he will head next.

If instituted, my hope is that the  A.S.S.E.S. will be able to oversee the S.O.B.'s efforts to not let any NCAA athlete fall into a crack.

Friday, August 2, 2013

Second Chances

     We have all said or done something that was totally stupid, whether we put our foot in our mouth or acted irresponsibly.   Riley Cooper, in just one word, fixed a label on himself as a racist.  The kid (yep, all of 25) made an egregious error by using a racial slur.   Probably fueled by a few beers, his Jiminy Cricket was on snooze.  He has publicly apologized and from watching his demeanor and body language, I believe he is truly embarrassed and sorry for the incident.

But will he be given a second chance?   I would certainly hope so, especially on a team that includes Michael Vick, whose mistakes left a trail of dead and mangled dogs and landed him in jail.   All that seems to be forgotten now.   If he envisions himself the leader of the Eagles, Vick should be the first one to extend a hand to Cooper and help him understand what his actions have done.   Not with condemnation, but in a human being helping a human being manner.   Team mates need to talk with Riley and let them know how they feel, and offer a way to move on. They also need to look at themselves and realize that they are not all that perfect either.  I hope for the sake of this kid, his team mates step up.  They can make this a chance to improve him or ruin the rest of his life.  Coach Kelly may be a first year NFL coach, but if any one is capable of handling difficult player situations he is the guy.   LaGarrette Blount and Kiko Alonso are a couple of examples.   I have faith in the Chip, but now is the chance to see what the Eagles players are really made of.   I hope for the best.

Quoting from the Human League's song Human

'I'm only human
Of flesh and blood I'm made
Born to make mistakes"

Friday, July 26, 2013

Dear Commissioner Goodell

Hi Roger,

     Watching the NFL network today I was treated to a recap of the brilliant rookie QB's of 2012.   I am a credit reader, so when I saw who was narrating, I thought, "not a great idea."   The rapper Ludacris provided the voice overs.   You do know you have an image problem, right?   Using someone who was fired by Pepsi due to lyrics in his pieces that glamorize drugs, violence, and disrespect of women just doesn't seem to be a wise move.  Distancing yourself from this sort of crowd might be the thing to do - just a thought.   Besides I would have done it for a fraction of the cost that he charged.   Think about me....


PS, how about that new sports agent, Jay Z?   There's a nightmare waiting to happen....

Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Idiots vs Heroes

Overshadowing Tiger pitcher Max Scherzer's 14th victory was the announcement that Ryan Braun has been suspended for the rest of this season. 

Mad Max scatters 4 hits and leads the majors in victories, but all the buzz will be about a lyin' cheat who used PED's. 

Yankee manager Joe Girardi had a great statement, "Everyone should do things the right way, but that’s not the world we live in. You get tired of talking about it. There’s a lot of guys that are doing it the right way and I respect those guys.”

Hey Ryan, seems like you might have a credibility problem now.

We love to dwell over every detail on our heroes fall from grace, but after a while doesn't it get old?  Journalists love these kind of stories, the kind that just fall in their lap.   No work, just watch the story like a movie and paraphrase the character as he falls victim to his own deceit. 

Maybe it won't get enough views, but how about a story that has an upbeat theme? 
I dunno, just an idea....
Duck Commander, Phil Robertson (former Louisiana Tech QB) likes the idea!


Here's one, how many Duck football players have been in trouble with the law this summer?   NONE (well, that I know of).  They got a slap on the wrist from the NCAA and kept their noses clean all the way through June!   Yikes, I hope I didn't just jinx them.

Saturday, July 20, 2013

Motown Cat Chatter

Tigers looking good.

Currently leading their division.
   Cabrera on a tear, again.

                                                                                          Scherzer 14 - 1!

Team leads the AL in batting average.
Looks like a playoff run, if they pick up some relief pitching 
and Verlander regains old form.
Looking forward to my daughter's Christmas gift of Tiger's gear
....maybe a World Series winner sweatshirt?

Lions, Meh.

Way too early predictions have them at the bottom of their division. Vegas has them at 40-1 to win the Super Bowl.  Schwartz is on the hot seat, 2 years to go on his contract, but unless they make the playoffs he will be making tee times instead of practice schedules in 2014. 

 Even though he has a new 5 year contract, Matthew Stafford needs help.
I know Lion Faithful, you think he walks on water, but he has flaws and they need to be corrected if the club is going to move forward.  Ron Jaworski has the best analysis  “Too many forced throws. Overall, he just threw too many passes with poor balance and bad footwork, with a tendency to fall away from the throws,” Jaworski said. “He needs more consistent mechanics to play at a higher level week in and week out.”  These adjustments aren't being addressed by the current staff.  The kid is only 25 and easily could benefit from some expert tutoring.

I say if you have a gripe, you should have a solution - got one.   Former Cal coach Jeff Tedford is an outstanding QB coach and needs a job.

Aaron Rogers seemed to do all right under Tedford's direction at Cal, maybe worth a look.

I'm still not convinced they are set at running back.   Free agent Reggie Bush should help - and I know what they are blocking is sub-par, so toss little passes to Bush and let him do his thing in space.
Could work, but you still have to be able to run the ball inside the tackles to open up this portion of the passing game.  Who do they have to get that done?   Nobody from their current roster.

 They have a few "stars", but not enough support players.  

Detroit fans remember the Red Wings Grind Line?  The Lions need some football players with the grit of Draper, McCarty, and Maltby, so far not seein' it.