Tuesday, November 15, 2011

King of The QB's

     Aaron Rodgers is overwhelmingly the current king of NFL quarterbacks.  Announcers let you know on every offensive snap, and those who watch have to agree.   But, how did he get this way?    Was he thrown into the mix as a rookie tabbed the savior of a failing franchise?   Nope, he was able to watch and learn from the sidelines for 3 seasons before taking over as a starter.  
     Any NFL fan can think back to a top rounder coming into the league labeled the ONE.  You know, the ONE who lead the offense right to the Lombardi trophy.   But usually the case is the poor kid is thrown in behind a sub-par offensive line, is cursed with an lousy running game, and inherits receivers who couldn't catch a cold naked in a snow storm.   But because he gets paid a huge salary, his development usually consists of mini camps and pre-season camp.   Then, here you go rookie, save the day.   Uh huh, set up for failure.   It's hard to complete passes lying on your back.  After being pounded by defensive linemen, they usually find themselves as back ups on some other team and then retired to become color analysts.   For them NFL stands for Not For Long.   The silver lining, they generally retire with a vault full of money - and they deserve it.   Try standing in front of a 350 pound charging defensive linemen and then taking a shot from him.   Money well earned. 

     What has happened to my Lions??   Memo to Lion's management, while Carolina is in town this Sunday - get the deal done!!   Fairley for Jonathan Stewart and the Panthers 1st round pick in 2012.   The Panthers are too busy showcasing Scam Newton to use Stewart to his full potential.   Additionally, Carolina would love to get another over-rated player to go along with Scam.  

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