Sunday, October 30, 2011

Yep, I Called It

                                                    We do have a QB controversy!
      Bryan Bennett put a charge in a sluggish offense when he entered the game at the half on Saturday.   The Cougar defense had to honor his ability to carry the ball and not just key on the running back.   Recently, when Thomas runs the "option" he looks to give to the running back over 90% of the time (unofficial statistic).   Bennett has more of a 60% "give" ratio, making it a true option.    Now, I know that Thomas is still a little gimpy, which makes his running the ball a bit of a gamble, but it limits our offense too much.   Or, is Bennett just better at the option?   Anyway, big props to Daddy Duck, Chip Kelly, for making the change at halftime.  Keep your "options" open...

     Holy Crikees, are our wide receivers ever going to catch the first ball thrown to them?   Sometimes they look like they have the hands of a small dog.   Perhaps their concentration on blocking (and they block better than any other corps of receiver in the nation) needs to carry over to concentrating on catching the ball. 

     After a win like that I don't have a truly deserving Duck candidate to bestow a Winged Zed - if I did it would be another one to Bryan Bennett.  
     This weeks honors goes to an NFL'er!   Former Ontario H.S. Tiger and Oregon Duck, A.J. Feeley wins this prestigious award for quaterbacking the St. Louis Rams to their first win of the season.
Congrats big guy and, if you're smart, keep handing the ball off to 
Steven Jackson!

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