Sunday, November 20, 2011

Ducks Roasted

     Matt Barkley feasted on Duck Saturday, cooking them for 323 yards and 4 TD's.   Some may believe the game was lost as a last second field goal sailed wide.   Nope, the game was lost in the first quarter when the Duck offense failed to score.   The defense stopped USC on their first 3 possessions, long enough for Oregon to build it's usual lead, but LaMike and Company couldn't score in their first 5 series.  After that,  USC caught fire and it was all uphill for the Ducks.   After watching the opposing QB's the last two weeks, I rate Barkley ahead of Stanford's Luck.   Barkely was loud and clear on his "put up or shut up" moment, while Luck was relatively silent.

     Many of you are disappointed, but I view this loss as a mixed blessing, sure we lost, but now we don't have to hear all the "back to the championship" talk.  Maybe I am a army of one, but I really didn't believe Oregon belonged back in the big game this year.   Concentrating on winning the PAC-12 championship and playing in the Rose Bowl should have been the goal all along.   The Ducks need to win a big bowl to build momentum towards the national championship next year.   That's right, next year.   I believe we will have the pieces in place to make an earnest run in 2013. It all starts with the Civil War on Thanksgiving weekend.

     One bit of advice, if NBA players have been locked out of their own place, don't let them in ours.  Bad juju!

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