Monday, December 30, 2013

Thumbs Up & Thumbs Down

Marcus Mariotta returning for next year. 
Hawaii 5-0 theme will play again!

The Lions losing 6 of their last 7 to drop out of the playoffs.

Firing Jim Schwartz.  I usually empathize with coaches, having personally seen both the highs and the lows, but the Lions were not getting better and Schwartz had 5 years to move the Lions up another level.  It didn't happen.   So, he's gone.   Don't feel too badly, he gets the rest of his $12 million contract.

The Cleveland Browns firing Rob Chudzinski after one year!   Wow, talk unrealistic expectations by the Browns front office.  A turn around in one year?   Sure, and I hope you enjoy spend your lottery winnings when you cash in that winning ticket....

The Ducks Men's BB team on a roll
heading into the Pac-12 season.

Red Wings injuries.

ROKU streaming players!

Watching Netflix so much you realize it's
4 in the afternoon and you still have your pajama's on!

Those of you who read my blog.

Those of you who don't.

The NHL Winter Classic and the Olympic Hockey Tournament!

Happy New Year to you and yours 
or, as they say in Detroit, 
Happy New Year to yous.

Sunday, December 22, 2013

Turn Out The Lights, The Party's Over....

      Original Monday Night Football commentator, Dandy Don Meredith, would croon his way through the old Willie Nelson song at the end of each broadcast.  It seems a fitting theme song for the failing and flailing Detroit Lions.   What happened to the 6 - 3 record and a lead in the NFC North?  It turned into a 7 - 8 record, not good enough for a spot in the post season.   Too many NFL analysts had said this is a team with top talent that should be a strong contender, but instead the only way they will get into the playoffs is to buy a ticket to watch. 


     I usually refrain from attacking coaches, having experienced the hounds at my door, but this has become too much for even the most understanding of Lion's fan to endure.   Ownership needs to start their search immediately for a replacement - and the new guy needs to possess the ability to rein in stupidity and inspire a blase' team into realizing their potential. 


     Additionally, they need to take off the rose colored glasses and call out Matt Stafford on his poor play.   Get him some help!!!  He might change, but the right mentor needs to be put in place - one more time, Jeff Tedford will you take a call?

"Turn out the lights, the party's over,
They say that all good things must end.
Let's call it a night, the party's over,
And tomorrow (and next year) starts the same old thing again"

With no change at the top, Lion Faithful will, in fact, 
face the same old thing, again. 

Monday, December 16, 2013

Say Goodnight Alice

     Emeralds manager John Underwood would mutter this phrase when one of our pitchers sent an opponent to their bench after a called 3rd strike.   After tonight's Monday Night loss by the Lions, I believe it is fitting to mutter it again.

     It comes down to the mental aspect of the game, something we have repeatedly seen the Lions lack.  Both concentration and discipline just simply disappear at the oddest of times.  Monday, Detroit's most reliable player, Calvin Johnson, seemed to fall victim to cranial flatulence.  Truly one of the NFL greats, he let two passes clank off his hands at critical times in the game.

     The best quote comes from Jimmy Johnson who said the Lions have the talent to win it all, if only they could get out of their own way. Detroit had chances to cement themselves on top of the NFC North.  Last week's loss to the Eagles and tonight's loss to the Ravens has them on the outside looking in, doubtful for a playoff berth.

     A change is inevitable in the coaching staff in Detroit, Jim Schwartz's job in on life support and the plug is about to be pulled.

     The obvious is painfully clear, Detroit has stagnated.  For the Lion fan you have to dwell on a fact that haunts us all, the Lions are the only non-expansion team failing to make a Super Bowl appearance.   No chance that will change after this season.

Say goodnight Alice, the Lions have turned off the lights.