Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Ya'all Ready For This

What a night, the place was rockin', Ozzy was great.   

Not Ozzy Osborne,
Chris Osgood of the Red Wings.   
Hockey is back!
    Yep, hockey exhibition season is under way and my beloved Wings were on the tube.   Huh, you don't like hockey?   What's the matter bubby, don't understand the rules?
Takes about 5 minutes and a couple of LaBatts to explain.

Think the game lacks scoring?   Well, it's not like the NBA,
they actually play defense in hockey and
they spend less time on chest-thumping self-promotion.  
AND when, and I do mean when, there is contact, it brings a cheer 
instead of a whistle.  

Imagine, a game in which an assist counts the same as a goal in the scoring statistics.   That means if Kobe was a hockey player
he would be forced to pass - oh no!

The wife always says that she can tell when hockey season starts cuz I start talkin' like them McKenzie Brothers.

Don't know what she means, eh.

Sunday, September 26, 2010

Winged Zed Addendum II

 I am sure this will not set well with some of my rabid Oregon friends, but I have to give a special Winged Zed to ASU and their effort against the Ducks.   The award really goes to the offensive and defensive coordinators that put together an outstanding game plan.   No credit goes, however, to head coach Dennis Erickson, another on my hit list of hates.   Erickson leaves a wake of destruction where ever he goes and it will only be a matter of time before the NCAA starts to investigate the questionable JC transfers he is so famous for bringing in.  Some teams resort to Trickeration, Erickson resorts to Thugeration.  His teams try to perfect the cheap shot and use questionable tactics like the number of "injured" Sun Devils that halted play so often during the Oregon game.  While this team appears to be on the rise, as happens when Erickson takes over a program, there is always something shady about his methods.  You'll know when the investigation is getting hot when he announces he is leaving ASU for another job.   A word of advice Dennis, look for a coaching job in a correctional facility, that way you won't have to keep traveling there to sign recruits.

Winged Zed Week 4

The Ducks, forgive me, looked liked their goose was cooked in the 100 degree heat of  Tempe.   Unlikely mistakes by reliable players, a porous defense, and inconsistency at QB made this a game to forget.   With a little help from ASU vagabond Steven Threet, Oregon managed a win.   Incidentally, it is rumored that during halftime Threet was looking at transferring to Florida.  Since NH will be after me to get with it and award a Winged Zed, my pick is John Boyett.   
A bright spot in the befuddled Duck defense, 
Boyett had 11 tackles, 3 pass break ups, and a pick 6.  

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Winged Zed Week 3

Oregon 69 - psu 0, another "ho hummer", and bordered on the ridiculous!   Text from one of my watching circle during the game, "I'm going to sleep...".   Agreed JL, but I am forced by NH to award a Winged Zed for this week. 
 And it goes to the Big Bair!  

Yep, Brandon Bair at 6' 7" must have a wingspan of about 7'.   His 3 tackles for losses, 2 sacks, and 3 blocked passes must have new PSU coach, Nigel Burton, wondering if Bair was two guys in one uniform.  Anyway, congrats Brandon, and we will not call you Godzilla as the Giant Sundae suggested.


Thursday, September 16, 2010

Newest Great Sports Rivalry

Will the Oregon vs USC football clash become the newest in a long line of 

great sports rivalries?

Well, maybe, but for now my vote goes to  
Detroit vs The Officials!

In just a few months, the city of Detroit has been one out from a perfect game...
 and one catch away from a victory.   

Now you think comparing a perfect game in baseball to one win in football is ridiculous, but not if you're a Detroit fan.  Any win for the Lions is monumental after suffering through the Matt Millen era, yikes (insert shudder).  The officials claim they got this one right, but take a look at the replay and make the call for yourself.   No self-respecting, recliner-chair replay official could call this anything but a TD!

At least umpire Jim Joyce manned up and admitted his mistake in the
Galarraga fubar.

The officials in the Lions game just couldn't do the right thing and call it
a catch.

If you have been reading my blog from the start, you remember I had disowned the Lions, but blood really is thicker than water.   The ghost of my Dad kept floating around and I have returned!   Did you miss me Motor City Kitties?    No need for a celebration, but if you do, will there be cake???

Sunday, September 12, 2010

Winged Zed Week 2

Tough one, I wasn't sure who would pick up the wings this week until 
LaMike did his thing with the 72 yard run.   
 That solidified it, congrats Mr. James on winning this weeks Winged Zed.  
134 yards looked pretty good for your return.  

On an honorable mention note - QB Darron Thomas gets the nod, not for his passing, not for his running, but for his attempt to block down field for James on the long run.   Way to show some grit, not to be confused with the grits they were serving at Neyland Stadium.

Monday, September 6, 2010

Winged Zed, Addendum

After that last drive Against Va. Tech I just had to give a Winged Zed to Boise State QB, Kellen Moore.   Besides, I've been a BSU fan since they were BSC and Tony Knap was head coach. 
Yep, that makes me old, very old. 
Well, maybe not that old.........

Sunday, September 5, 2010

The Winged Zed

The Coveted Winged Zed

Time to hand out this website's most prestigious award, the Winged Zed -are you feelin' me Canada?

These awards will be given out to, well, whoever I want to give them to.

Winged Zed week 1:
A case might be made for Kenyan Barner for his rendition of a man among boys. 

Or, maybe Cliff Harris for his two punt returns for TD's.  

How about the defense pitching a shutout and only allowing a total of 106 yards?

Nope, my first Winged Zed goes to Daryle Hawkins!!!  
Why?   He showed flashes of who may soon be one of the best running QB's ever at Oregon.   He looked like a cross between Dennis Dixon and that guy we kicked off.   Obviously the kid is tough or they wouldn't play him at running back - his 10 carries for 68 yards got my attention.  Question, can he throw?  Don't have an answer to that, but when the Ducks ran the option - he was a definite threat.   QB starter Darron Thomas had 0 carries for 0 yards, hmmmmm.   OK, maybe this was against a terrible defense, but I saw something that makes me think the Darron Thomas era could be short....

Thursday, September 2, 2010

Teams I Love To Hate

5. The SEC  (just decided to group the teams all together) - I get sick of hearing about them, sure they win championships, sure they have one of the best overall records as a confererence, can't help it, hate 'em.

4. Notre Dame.  Can we have this stuffed down our throats any more than it is?   If someone puts their jock on the right way, we hear about it.   Enough already, and please somebody stuff a shamrock in Regis Philbin's mouth to keep him quiet.

3.  Arizona.   Stoops, Mr. Sceamer.   Yelling at his coaches, running onto the field hollering at some poor zebra, he's a peach    Coach your team Mikey-boy and leave the officiating to the officials.   No wonder your brother left the team (oh that's right, he yells, too).

2. Oklahoma - Stoops, part 2.   What a whiny baby.   He still can't stop with the comments of how he was robbed at Oregon in 2006, even got the Governor involved trying to void out the game.   Hey Bobby, did you watch the whole game replay?   Maybe you noticed that one of your scores happened after the play clock had expired - and instead of delay of game, you got 6 points.   Selective memory is a wonderful thing.

1. USC - Even when they're found guilty of NCAA violations, they're a media darling.  They get national TV exposure for their game with Hawaii, which hasn't been the same team since June Jones left. This game should have been kept off the air as part of the NCAA's punishment.  The story will be told again and again by the commentators, poor USC - Reggie Bush screwed you over.    Uh huh, just the tip of the iceberg if you want my opinion.    Keep those investigators in L.A. and see what else they can dredge up - bet there is more....OK, hope there is more.

What's that, the Beavers, nah - I only hate them for one week.....