Sunday, June 30, 2013

The Smell of Mown Grass

They say smell is one of the most powerful triggers to memory.   I have to agree, when I pass a baseball field that has just been clipped, my mind immediately returns to the baseball talks my Dad and I shared. 

He grew up in Detroit in an era that saw such icons as Babe Ruth visit Navin Field to battle with Mickey Cochrane's Tigers.

My first memory of the Tigers was Dad and his brothers taking me to a game vs the dreaded Yankees in 1961 at Tiger Stadium.    Uncle Doc, Uncle Jeep, and Uncle Al The Kiddie's Pal loaded us in to the Chrysler and away we went to "the corner" of Michigan and Trumball Avenues. To tell the truth, all I was interested in was the concessions - hot dogs, sodas, pennants.  Far too many distractions from the game for this little boy from Eastern Oregon to hoot and holler when Kaline, Cash, and Freehan came to bat or boo when Mantle, Maris, and Berra walked to the plate. By the way, food choices were limited to popcorn, peanuts, Cracker Jacks, and hot dogs.   The biggest choice you had was "with or without", meaning do you want mustard on your red hot or not?

My favorite memories were from games in 1968 when the Tiger won it all.  We took the 2 day - 3 night train trip to Detroit that year and saw 3 games during our visit.  To this day I can tell you the starting line up for that team.  

My best buddy was a St. Louis fan and we didn't talk for a week after Portland native, Mickey Lolich, beat the Cards in game 7 to claim the title.  Sour grapes on his part, I would have been a gracious winner and would have been sensitive to his pain.........

OK, maybe not - I would have rubbed it in.  Sorry Craig.

Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Sanc U Very Much

     After waiting for what seemed an eternity, the NCAA finally handed down penalties to the U of O football program after 27 months of investigation.   Not too bad, loss of 3 scholarships, 3 years probation, fewer paid visits, fewer evaluatation days - mostly a slap on the wrist.   I have to ask why so little punishment?   The Willie Lyles debacle reads like a bad made-for-tv movie.   It was a little over the top and seemingly worthy of some stiff penance.   But now we are thinking, the violations must not have been that bad.   Hmm, well, we probably will never know the real extent to the Duck misdeeds.  Especially since the documents released by the NCAA had the 3rd violation so heavily redacted that no one can decipher its nature, other than it was a major violation.  Sorta makes you wonder....has the U of O become a darling of the NCAA due to its national stature or are we still a small bird in a big birdbath not worthy of being slammed.   Borrowing a line from C & C Music Factory, "The things that make you go hmmm..."

Saturday, June 22, 2013

Decisions, Decisions

     The sole purpose of the Eugene school district should be to enhance the education and lives of our kids.   It seems that holding on to the Civic Stadium property is a big question for many locals.  It just sits there and wastes away.  The local YMCA has offered $3.5 million to build a recreation and community center, Fred Meyer has offered $4.75 million to build a shopping center.   The school board is on break until Aug. 14th, but when they re-convene the message needs to be sent, families over fortune, make the decision and stop wasting more time.

Changed your mind have you?

     The U of O has decided to review the $500,000 royalty policy for use of their logo.   Currently 100 businesses are licensed to use the logo paying a minimum of $2000.  Businesses have until July 8th to submit "bids".   Just who do you think will win these bids?  UO's director of marketing and brand management Matthew Dyste  stated, “If we get a successful bidder, we will have fewer companies involved in our licensing business but generating additional revenue for the institution.”  I would not wish the U of O to break from their recent trend of powering up their revenue at the expense of the little guy, so forge ahead Oregon - no matter who you trample on your march to the big Duck bucks.

Wednesday, June 19, 2013

A Case of the Stupids

Here we go, another round of dumb stuff from the world of sports.


My alma Mater has decided the use of their logo is worth $500,000 a year.   Small printing businesses in the Eugene area have traditionally paid a considerable sum for the use of the logo, but half a mil?   Most of these businesses don't gross that much business in a year!   This looks like a push to cancel contracts with the Mom & Pop operations and go exclusively with Uncle Phil.  Head Ducks need to re-think this position and make the amount more reasonable.  Keep our small businesses afloat!

Oh crap, what do I owe you for the picture.....

New Razorback's coach Bret Bielema has proposed rule changes to slow down college football offenses, stating the need for defensive player safety be the reason.  Well now, Head Hog, maybe you should just get your Piggies in condition or figure out a substitution routine that accounts for the speedy offenses.   I know your old conference moved at a snail's pace, but step up son!   It's your job to adjust to the current trends and not try to change rules to suit your style.  It will be great having another SEC team to hate, Arkansas welcome to the list.

Thankfully, the Beavs knocked Louisville out of the college World Series.   Now, don't get me wrong, I have nothing  against the Cardinals.   I just couldn't take any more of Rick Pitino.   The game broadcast was secondary to having to listen to Rick and his take on, well, everything!  And here I thought they were there for the baseball, silly me.


Hooray, another Stoops-idity!   Kentucky football coach, Mark Stoops, has offered a scholarship to a 13 year old!   The kid hasn't even played one game of high school ball!  Next he plans to request the ultrasounds of a promising fetus he spotted in Florida.

Former Lion mistake, Titus Young, was arrested twice in one day.   After being arrested for driving under the influence, he was issued a citation and released.   Later that same day he was arrested for trying to steal his own car from the impound lot.   Is this guy a loon or what?

“Two things are infinite: the universe and human stupidity;
and I'm not sure about the universe.”
-Albert Einstein

Saturday, June 1, 2013

A Little Advice

To Whatever You Are:

See your dermatologist regarding laser tattoo removal.  YIKES!

To Cliff Harris:

I believe Onterrio Smith is looking for a roommate, contact him and he can hook you up with a minimum wage job, just like the one he has.

To All D-1
Basketball Programs:

Keep your eyes open when Duck hoops coaches are in town, you never know who they will get to defect.

To Nick Fairley:

Hey Nick, wait until you play an entire season before you declare you and Suh are the best defensive tandem.