Sunday, September 18, 2011

Misery for Missouri State


Once, again, the Ducks did what we expected against an opponent of this caliber - score big and get the 2's and 3's some playing time. 

But the defense needs a swift kick in the butt.  It is totally unacceptable to allow the Bears a score on their first drive. The D needs to set the tone from the start, not wait until the next series.   I shudder to think what could happen should they take this tactic into the Stanford game.

  Sorry, no one to single out for a Winged Zed in this game.   Although an honorable mention to Eric Dungy for his first touchdown as a Duck and to De'Anthony Thomas for running wild in special teams.

Now on to matters of high importance to the Pac-12 Commissioner's office:

First, the ban on Duck lips at the games.  

The Duck lips are annoying, I admit that, and this will probably save some aggravation.   Not from opponents, but from fans in the stands who have to listen to their neighbor (usually someone who has had one too many) emit that obnoxious sound.   I guess I have to side with conference ruling on this one.

                                                    Second, the near ban on the "O" hand sign.
Are you kidding?   The Hook 'Em Horns sign has been around since I was in high school and the Gator Chomp has been a tradition for who knows how long.  The is no malicious intent in making the "O" and I have never seen one of the Ducks use it to taunt.   It is a symbol of celebration.  The Pac 12 would do better trying to get, say, Mike Stoops under control on the sidelines.   Some conference office pencil pusher (probably a Beaver alum) needs something to do, so let's nitpick something Ducky.


I worry that the conference (is it Pac-12 or Pac-16?) will try to regulate the amount of decibels allowed in stadiums.   Will there be a Sound Police to warn the crowd of excessive noise.   Or, perhaps, a man with a sign similar to the one they hold up at the tees in golf tournaments.   Wow, they take the fun out of everything.....


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