Friday, September 9, 2011

Early September Musings

Just some thoughts about this and that....

Bad Ideas

Hey Georgia the Arena League called, they want their uniforms back.


This is what crash test dummies would look like if they had a football team

CFL Rules We Should Think About

1. The end zones are 20 yards long.   Who needs a goal line offense with these field dimensions (advantage to the spread).
2. The kicking team earns one point if the receiving team doesn't return a kick out of the end zone.   Gives life back to the kick return game.
3. An injured player who is attended to by a trainer on the field must sit out the next 3 plays.   Look out Arizona, fake cramps would be costly.

Crouching Tiger, Hidden Bengal

With little fanfare, the Detroit Tigers have built up a 9 1/2 game lead in the Central Division.   Justin Verlander was the majors first 20 game winner and looks to win over 25.  Could he be headed for 30?

 Trivia question: who was the last major league pitcher to win over 30 games?

Answer: Denny McClain won 31 games for Detroit in 1968, how appropriate that another Tiger has a shot.

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