Friday, September 2, 2011

OK, I Give Up

All right, I know I said I am not really a fan of the NFL, and yet you keep seeing entries about it.   I guess it's like listening to George W., there's just so much to poke fun at. 

A Perfect Fit 
Welcome to the Raiders, Terrelle Pryor.   Long known as malcontents, cast offs, and ruffians (wait did I just use the word ruffian?), Oakland welcomed Terrelle with open arms.   Must have been his quality of character that swayed Al Davis to open the check book.

Break Time
Moving the kick off up to the 35 yard line means more time for fans to go make a sandwich.    TV goes to commercial right after the PAT, returns for the kick off (which will be a startlingly high number of touch backs) and then goes to commercial, again.    My suggestion is right after the TD, leisurely hit the 'fridge, mow the lawn, refinance your house.....and then return to pick up the next offensive series.

The Lions are 4 - 0 in pre-season.  
 Can we call it good and end the season now?

The Seahawks may be headed for the worst season in team history.   They have shown little in pre-season and haven't established a #1 at QB.   Tarvaris Jackson has been unimpressive, but the 'Hawks keep playing him - hoping he will eventually show up.   Big news Seattle, if he was any good, Minnesota would have kept him!  I wonder if Jim Zorn can still throw?

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