Thursday, September 22, 2011

Hooray for Haloti and other stuff


$61 mil over 5 years, way to go Mr. Ngata, well deserved.  By occupying most of the offensive line, Ray Lewis can roam and make tackles.   

Haloti Ngata, always a Duck

Now some other things on my mind....

While driving past my favorite burger place, Debs on 6th, I saw a hideous sight.   It has become a vegan restaurant.   Oh the horror!   No more grease, no more salt, no more ketchup, no more cheeseburger baskets?   I can't fathom the thought.   And to think carnivores will never be welcomed again at that wonderful old diner - too much for me to handle.

The Lions are 2 - 0 in the regular season.   The Motor City Kitties are on the roar!  Please, can we end the season now?

The Pac-16? 
Two Stoops in one conference?  
Thank goodness the conference presidents didn't go for the upsize.

Saw my first hockey game of the 2011 season last night, an exhibition between the Wings and the Pens.   My favorite time of year, college football, hockey, some NFL, and better yet no NBA cry babies!

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