Thursday, August 23, 2012

SEC Heroes, Then & Now

Tyrann Mathieu (Honey Badger)
made the Ducks lives miserable 
when they played the Tigers last season

reportedly failed drug test three times 
and dismissed from the LSU squad after only 2 seasons

Nick Fairley
made frequent visits to the Oregon backfield, 
disrupting the Blur offense in the 2011 National Championship Game

Leaving Auburn after his junior season 
he's a 3rd string player for my Lions.   
He has been arrested twice in the off season, 
once for possession of marijuana and once for DUI.

Michael Dyer
offensive MVP in Auburn's 2011 Natty win over Oregon

suspended from Auburn just prior to their 
2012 Chick-fil-A bowl appearance, 
transferred to Arkansas State, dismissed from Ark. St. 
after being stopped by police for possession of a handgun and marijuana.

(S)Cam Newton
Led Auburn to the national title in 2011

Stay tuned, it may take as long as the Reggie Bush 
blow up at USC, but it will happen.   
Mark my words!

Go SEC, leading the nation in football foul ups!

Notice the Ducks have stayed off the police blotters?
Keep your fingers crossed.

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