Tuesday, September 4, 2012


Football season has officially begun and its time to bring back a highly honored tradition, The Winged Zed.  Seriously, who else could it go to but
Marcus Mariota.


I don't recall seeing an absolute rookie look so comfortable and poised.   Sure, it wasn't the likes of LSU he was facing, but none-the-less, he looked astounding in his debut.   So, here's to hoping he garners more of these awards in the future. 

In the great minds think alike, I had planned to make my own graphic regarding the pronunciation of his last name, but others beat me to it.   The repeated correction of his name could only lead us to Hermione Granger.....

Finally, did you notice the nouveau-retro colors.   Yep, I seem to recall those colors on the teams of the 70's, just not with so much panache.  Borrowing from singer/song writer Peter Allen, "...everything old is new again..."

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