Monday, August 20, 2012

Theme Park Hazards

My family has been to numerous amusement parks including all the biggies, Disneyland, Disney World, Universal Studios in Florida and California, Magic Mountain, several Six Flags - you get the picture.

What are the dangers?   You might answer poor maintenance of rides or operator neglect.   After years of careful observation, I have come to the conclusion that you should be vigilant of these 5 dangers.

5) Stop and Gawkers.   Everyone is moving and suddenly the group in front of you stops to look at the map.   You trip over them and end up in a pile on the ground, hoping not to be trampled by the group behind you.

4) Turkey-leg-munchers.   They can't see past the mass of meat they are inhaling and will mow you over and leave you with nothing but a grease stain on your shirt.

3) Runners.  The ones trying to make it to the ride ahead of everyone else.   Some hit harder than an NFL strong safety. 

2) Large tour groups with a leader carrying a flag.   Pack mentality, stay clear, they will trample you like a stampeding wildebeest herd!

1) Mothers with strollers.   Vicious, out-for-blood creatures that will tear the hide off you heels or just plain run you over in an attempt to get in line for a picture with Mickey!

If I can stop just one injury by raising your awareness, 
I have done my job and I can relax.

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