Friday, August 3, 2012

Channeling My Inner Geek

I admit it, I am a bit of a Geek.  You would think that athletics and Geekdom would do the oil and water thing,  but in my case the two share equal time in my confused cranium.

 As a kid, I couldn't wait until the original Star Trek aired each Thursday night.   I still remember the premier like it was yesterday.   "Salt Vampire" with the creature doing its extra-terrestrial Dracula bit.

Isolated in eastern Oregon, we couldn't wait for the monthly delivery of comic books to local grocery stores.  After mowing lawns, picking up pop bottles, and collecting allowances, we would scurry downtown and spend our hard-earned bounty on as many comics as the budgets would allow.   By the way, comics were 12 cents each at that time. 


Me Mum was a librarian (like the British accent?), giving me access to the latest in Sci Fi books.   I can't tell you the number of times I woke up in my bed, face down in the pages of Ray Bradbury or Isaac Asimov.


When (yes, when) desktop computers came out and became readily available, I plunged right in to the world of Mac's and then PC's.  Note here, my first computer was a Tandy, anybody remember these?

I conned my wife into allowing me to buy a VCR (I think it was about $500, yikes!) in the 80's to "break down football films".   Sure, and it also let me tape Dr. Who.   I keep waiting for Tom Baker to bring me some jelly babies, but no TARDIS sightings yet.   

Late on Fridays I was glued to the boob tube, when Star Gate SG1 took me through the wormhole.   Star Gate allowed me to feed both my sci fi side and my jock side.   How, you ask?    One of the principal characters of the show, Teal'c was played by actor Christopher Judge. I first watched him as All-American Duck safety, Doug Judge in the 80's.

What could be better than sci fi movies?  Hmmm, maybe I'll list a few;

Star Wars
- spent the only night I had off while working as the trainer for the Eugene Emeralds sitting in the antiquated Mayflower theater mesmerized by The Force, marveling at a large man balancing popcorn on his giant stomach, and wondering when the AC would turn on.

Back To The Future
-rode the ride when it first opened at Universal Studios!

Indiana Jones
-bought my first fedora because of this flick.

Harry Potter
-became a family tradition to view as soon as it premiered.

Enough of this Geek Speak, I need lunch.

My youngest believes I'm obsessed with the Big Bang Theory, but I don't see it.

I'll leave you with a

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