Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Deep Thoughts and Questions To Ponder

OK, maybe not profoundly intellectual, but it took some time to think this stuff up.

Here goes.....

Why do ex-Mariners do so well after they leave Seattle?   In the 2011 baseball playoffs, eleven (by my count) ex-Mariners took to the diamond on six different teams.   Yep, eleven,  not just role players, but players who have made significant contributions to their team's success.  Additionally how about the entire Brewer team, they were originally the Seattle Pilots before moving to Milwaukee after just one year (1969).  This franchise needs a long look at themselves and figure out why success comes after a stop over in Seattle. 
For baseball geeks here is the list of those former Mariners in the 2011 playoffs;

Freddy Garcia - P, NY
Alex Rodriguez - 3B, NY
Casey Kotchman - 1B, Tampa Bay
Doug Fister - P - Detroit
Adrian Beltre - 3B, Texas
Cliff Lee - P, Philadelphia
Raul Ibanez - OF, Philadelphia
Yuniesky Betancourt - SS, Milwaukee
Arthur Rhodes - P, St. Louis
J.J. Putz - P, Arizona
Willie Bloomquist - SS, Arizona

What can the Detroit Lions do to improve?   They need help on the running game, why not trade Nick, "I Get Hurt In Training Camp", Fairley for under-used Panther running back Jonathan Stewart and the Panthers' first round draft pick in 2012.   That way Detroit gets a tough runner with speed, a draft pick to add to the offensive line, and Carolina gets to re-unite "Cheap Shot" Fairley with "Scam" Newton.   I am motivated to get this trade done so that I can fully boo the Panthers.  

Will the Thanksgiving Day game feature a battle of unbeatens?  After the showing on Monday Night Football, the Lions proved they are for real, defeating da Bears and running their record to 5 - 0.  This is the first time since 1956 they can boast such a record (I was 1 at the time and really don't remember that Lions team).   Only the Packers have a record to match the Lions and I can hardly wait for the Turkey Day contest between the two.  Can they both go undefeated until then?  What a story that would be, but somebody's got to flinch and hopefully it will be the Pack.

What will I do with out Mike Stoops to kick around?  I know you will find this hard to believe, but I will miss having him to poke fun at.  Say goodbye, Mikey.

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