Wednesday, October 26, 2011

1's vs 2's


  That's what it looked like when the Ducks trounced the Buffs in Colorado. Our Varsity against their JV's.   In many ways we have to feel badly for CU, having gone through decades of that kind of play here at Oregon.  But, the rebuilding will take time and hopefully, coach Embree can bring that program back to where it once was. 


  Do we have a QB controversy??   Watching Bryan Bennett from last week to this, he shows some tools that are lacking in Darron Thomas.

1) Bennet's passing accuracy gets better with each pass, Thomas' tendency has been to throw behind the receiver.
2) Bennet has break away speed when he runs the ball.  Thomas has so-so speed.
 3) Bennet put on 20 pounds of muscle over the summer.  Thomas is still slightly built.
Do I really think there is a controversy?  No, but Kelly has the option of replacing Thomas any time he struggles.

  Now I would like to offer the networks something to think about.   After watching the last couple of game broadcasts, I'd like to offer my services as a commentator.  Today's game had the announcing duo swearing that Daron Thomas was in at the same time as Bryan Bennett.   Hey guys, check the roster, you mistook De'Anthony Thomas for Daron Thomas.   If you would just watch the game instead of trying to make up story lines, you'd make your viewers happy.    Although I have a face for radio, I would be glad to give it a go.  Call me.....

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