Sunday, October 16, 2011

2 for 4

In batting that's pretty darn good, but with my teams - not so much.  

Hanging by the tips of their claws, the Tigers couldn't hold on.  Texas took the ALCS and rightfully so.  The Rangers have my respect, those boys can flat out hit.   Good luck to them in the World Series.

0 for 1


It took until overtime, but the Red Wings finally put away a resurging Minnesota Wild.

1 for 2


The Ducks, despite losses of key players, "Won The Day" and sent the Devils back to Hades.

2 for 3


The Lions looked like they had a Monday Night Football hangover - dropping balls, not finishing routes, missing open receivers, allowing runs up the middle, you name it.   A bit of a tank job, I hope they learn from this and are ready for Atlanta next week - and how about a little more Megatron.

2 for 4

A side note, the lack of class displayed by 49'ers coach Jim Harbaugh is reminiscent of his days in the Pac.   The post game slap-handshake he gave to Lion's coach Jim Schwartz looked more like a celebration of a high school kid than that of an NFL coach.  Schartzy took umbrage at this gesture and the skirmish was on.   Anybody remember the "what's your deal" incident between Harbaugh and Pete Carrol?   Apparently, Harbaugh did not learn from that chapter.  Sooner or later Harbaugh will get his, just please let me be watching.  

Another side note, this weekend, I watched all 3 Detroit teams on TV.  This is the the first time 3 teams from the Motor City have been on the tube since, well, never.   I'm telling you Detroit is the new great sports town.

 Now for this week's 
Winged Zed

For stepping in and stepping up the Oregon offense,
this weeks Winged Zed goes to 
Bryan Bennett 
 The stats are not overwhelming, but his spark lit up the offense.

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