Thursday, October 13, 2011

I Don't Think So

  Really???   That's what I think when they start throwing Mike Bellotti's name around as the potential replacement for Mike Stoops.   I just don't believe in his returning to coach in the same conference with another team.   I am afraid I would have to boo at his return - if I can ever afford another ticket.  After much discussion, colleague and faithful reader, GC, proposed the hiring of former Oregon defensive back Justin Wilcox.   Why not, give the kid a shot.   His resume includes defensive coordinator at Boise State and currently at Tennessee.   A west coast guy, this might just be a perfect fit. 

  Speaking of affording another ticket.   RG columnist Bob Welch ran a story on the decline of noise at Autzen, "Duck Fans: Where's The 110 percent".   I can tell you where it went, it went when the U of O starting charging outrageous prices for game tickets!!!     The blue collar guy can't face the price tag, so you are stuck with too many of the blase' rich who are just sorta into football.   They like the party and being around the game, but can they identify a back up from just his jersey number?  Doubtful.  Will they scream their lungs out for 2+ hours?  Nope.
The loud fans are now at local establishments yelling with fans like themselves at banks of TV's or hosting game parties where they raise their own roofs at the sight of a 40 yard LaMike run.   Lower the prices and suddenly you get the excited, informed, loud fans of yesteryear.   But alas, not to be.   The business of big-time college athletics views attendance by the Average Joe as collateral damage as they pursue the big bucks.  Don't get me wrong, I never miss a game, and probably won't, but it will mostly be at home in front of my TV.

Geez Bob, get a clue.

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