Thursday, September 2, 2010

Teams I Love To Hate

5. The SEC  (just decided to group the teams all together) - I get sick of hearing about them, sure they win championships, sure they have one of the best overall records as a confererence, can't help it, hate 'em.

4. Notre Dame.  Can we have this stuffed down our throats any more than it is?   If someone puts their jock on the right way, we hear about it.   Enough already, and please somebody stuff a shamrock in Regis Philbin's mouth to keep him quiet.

3.  Arizona.   Stoops, Mr. Sceamer.   Yelling at his coaches, running onto the field hollering at some poor zebra, he's a peach    Coach your team Mikey-boy and leave the officiating to the officials.   No wonder your brother left the team (oh that's right, he yells, too).

2. Oklahoma - Stoops, part 2.   What a whiny baby.   He still can't stop with the comments of how he was robbed at Oregon in 2006, even got the Governor involved trying to void out the game.   Hey Bobby, did you watch the whole game replay?   Maybe you noticed that one of your scores happened after the play clock had expired - and instead of delay of game, you got 6 points.   Selective memory is a wonderful thing.

1. USC - Even when they're found guilty of NCAA violations, they're a media darling.  They get national TV exposure for their game with Hawaii, which hasn't been the same team since June Jones left. This game should have been kept off the air as part of the NCAA's punishment.  The story will be told again and again by the commentators, poor USC - Reggie Bush screwed you over.    Uh huh, just the tip of the iceberg if you want my opinion.    Keep those investigators in L.A. and see what else they can dredge up - bet there is more....OK, hope there is more.

What's that, the Beavers, nah - I only hate them for one week.....

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