Sunday, September 26, 2010

Winged Zed Addendum II

 I am sure this will not set well with some of my rabid Oregon friends, but I have to give a special Winged Zed to ASU and their effort against the Ducks.   The award really goes to the offensive and defensive coordinators that put together an outstanding game plan.   No credit goes, however, to head coach Dennis Erickson, another on my hit list of hates.   Erickson leaves a wake of destruction where ever he goes and it will only be a matter of time before the NCAA starts to investigate the questionable JC transfers he is so famous for bringing in.  Some teams resort to Trickeration, Erickson resorts to Thugeration.  His teams try to perfect the cheap shot and use questionable tactics like the number of "injured" Sun Devils that halted play so often during the Oregon game.  While this team appears to be on the rise, as happens when Erickson takes over a program, there is always something shady about his methods.  You'll know when the investigation is getting hot when he announces he is leaving ASU for another job.   A word of advice Dennis, look for a coaching job in a correctional facility, that way you won't have to keep traveling there to sign recruits.

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