Sunday, September 5, 2010

The Winged Zed

The Coveted Winged Zed

Time to hand out this website's most prestigious award, the Winged Zed -are you feelin' me Canada?

These awards will be given out to, well, whoever I want to give them to.

Winged Zed week 1:
A case might be made for Kenyan Barner for his rendition of a man among boys. 

Or, maybe Cliff Harris for his two punt returns for TD's.  

How about the defense pitching a shutout and only allowing a total of 106 yards?

Nope, my first Winged Zed goes to Daryle Hawkins!!!  
Why?   He showed flashes of who may soon be one of the best running QB's ever at Oregon.   He looked like a cross between Dennis Dixon and that guy we kicked off.   Obviously the kid is tough or they wouldn't play him at running back - his 10 carries for 68 yards got my attention.  Question, can he throw?  Don't have an answer to that, but when the Ducks ran the option - he was a definite threat.   QB starter Darron Thomas had 0 carries for 0 yards, hmmmmm.   OK, maybe this was against a terrible defense, but I saw something that makes me think the Darron Thomas era could be short....

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