Monday, August 30, 2010

Here We Go Again

After months of waiting we are back at it when this Saturday the Ducks take on that Mountain West Conference powerhouse, New Mexico State.

  Boasting a 1-11 record from 2009, the Lobos enter Autzen with the 120th ranking in total offense from last season.   Led by head coach, Mike Locksley (suspended 10 days for a confrontation with a former assistant and a sexual harrasment complaint by a former admin. assistant), the Lobos appear to be a gimme - and an easy gimme.   But, in the past the Ducks have been known to play down to their opponents and make the easy ones seem a bit of a struggle.

Will it matter...... NO, all of the Duck Crazies will be whipped into a frenzy when we welcome in the Darron Thomas era! 

Chomping on a hot dogs and washing it down with Pepsi's (wait, did we just spend $10 for a 7-11 meal of 2 bucks?), fans will still go nuts when the Harley roars down the field with the Duck on the back!

And no game could start with out THE PICK...
To say the Duck faithful are excited about the season is beyond an understatement.   The recipe for putting the crap from the off season behind them is a fast start, giving fans a chance to maintain their over-the-top enthusiasm.  I will be there among the yellers and screamers providing my color analysis to anyone who is able to listen.  Now I have to go find my Duck gear and watch Comcast re-runs of last year's games.

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