Thursday, September 16, 2010

Newest Great Sports Rivalry

Will the Oregon vs USC football clash become the newest in a long line of 

great sports rivalries?

Well, maybe, but for now my vote goes to  
Detroit vs The Officials!

In just a few months, the city of Detroit has been one out from a perfect game...
 and one catch away from a victory.   

Now you think comparing a perfect game in baseball to one win in football is ridiculous, but not if you're a Detroit fan.  Any win for the Lions is monumental after suffering through the Matt Millen era, yikes (insert shudder).  The officials claim they got this one right, but take a look at the replay and make the call for yourself.   No self-respecting, recliner-chair replay official could call this anything but a TD!

At least umpire Jim Joyce manned up and admitted his mistake in the
Galarraga fubar.

The officials in the Lions game just couldn't do the right thing and call it
a catch.

If you have been reading my blog from the start, you remember I had disowned the Lions, but blood really is thicker than water.   The ghost of my Dad kept floating around and I have returned!   Did you miss me Motor City Kitties?    No need for a celebration, but if you do, will there be cake???

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