Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Ya'all Ready For This

What a night, the place was rockin', Ozzy was great.   

Not Ozzy Osborne,
Chris Osgood of the Red Wings.   
Hockey is back!
    Yep, hockey exhibition season is under way and my beloved Wings were on the tube.   Huh, you don't like hockey?   What's the matter bubby, don't understand the rules?
Takes about 5 minutes and a couple of LaBatts to explain.

Think the game lacks scoring?   Well, it's not like the NBA,
they actually play defense in hockey and
they spend less time on chest-thumping self-promotion.  
AND when, and I do mean when, there is contact, it brings a cheer 
instead of a whistle.  

Imagine, a game in which an assist counts the same as a goal in the scoring statistics.   That means if Kobe was a hockey player
he would be forced to pass - oh no!

The wife always says that she can tell when hockey season starts cuz I start talkin' like them McKenzie Brothers.

Don't know what she means, eh.

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