Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Wake Up Call

     With Joey Harrington's bicycle accident this weekend, I hope everyone takes the time to remind you and yours to wear a helmet when they ride.   Joey's dad, John, believes his son was saved by wearing a helmet.   He is set to be released from the hospital soon, only suffering cuts, a broken collarbone, and a collapsed lung.  Hearing of this news reminded me that I owed a rant on Joey and his career with the Lions.   So here we go.
     When I heard Joey had been drafted by my Lions, I had conflicting emotions.    First, a whoop for him going to the Lions and then, a sigh for him going to the Lions.    Elation that he might bring the Lions back to the win column, but realistically knowing he might just end up as cannon fodder for opponents' D-linemen and the Detroit media.   Unfortunately my fears were realized.   Despite his optimism and winning attitude, he couldn't resuscitate the dismal Lion franchise.   The front office was largely a joke, having hired Matt Millen as their CEO and president.
     What a move, the Ford family hired a guy with absolutely no front office experience.   That would be like having me do your knee surgery - I've watched one, so hand me the scalpel.   Millen proceded to state that Joey was not really his guy.   Nice way to instill confidence in your leader.   It only took the Lions 8 years to realize that Millen had to go. 

     Typical thinking of the Lion ownership, the Fords hoped things will get better with time - uh huh.  During Millen's tenure he failed to acquire any quality offensive linemen or reliable skill players.    From what I saw he wanted Joey to fail - what a moron!   Obviously you can tell I am not a member of the Matt Millen fan club. 

     "Captain Comeback" is out of football now - but Duck fans will always remember if he was on the field, we had a chance, no matter the score.   Maybe he didn't have the strongest arm, maybe he wasn't the fleetest of foot, but he had that intangible of being a winner.   Oh, and by the way, his revenge - he made a boat load of money from the Lions!

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