Saturday, August 27, 2011

Vacation Revelations

Well, we're back from vacation and I have to say, I learned some things.


1. If you think it's hot here in Oregon now, Florida is miserable hot. I just can't imagine how some midwest or northwest kid would fare in the heat of daily doubles in Florida.  We were actually excited to coming back to the prospect of rain.

2. Never get in the way of a woman from New Jersey, the carnage would be too much for anyone to handle.


3. If you are an American, a visit to Disney World in August will put you in the minority.    French, British, Welsh, Scottish, Brazilian, anywhere from Central or South America - all of these will outweigh the guests from the good 'ole USA.

 4. Wear Duck gear anywhere and sooner rather than later someone will give you a "Go Ducks".   Our first day at Disney World a guy with a Dennis Dixon jersey came over to chat about the upcoming season.    One lady in passing said, "Go Ducks, class of '86".  Another guy nearly choked on his turkey leg while screaming "Go Ducks" when he spotted my hat.

5. If you act like you are just catching up with someone in your party, you can cut in line.   Saw this tactic work more than once.

Finally, after a non-stop, breakneck pace set by my oldest daughter,
I need a vacation from my vacation!

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