Thursday, August 4, 2011

City of Gold

      Just finished watching 3 hours of Detroit In Overdrive, the Discovery Channel's documentary series on the resurgence of the Motor City.   With my familial ties to Detroit, it was great to see some positive light shed on what once was the proud center of auto manufacturing for the U.S.

But what really got me going was a rapper by the name of DraeTown.   
     At first you think, another gangster wannabe, but after just a few seconds you realize this guy is different.   He has no wants nor claims to the negatives of street life - and his message is all positives, taking me on a trip down memory lane in his "City of Gold".   It may not have much meaning to anyone who hasn't spent time in Detroit, but it got me going - and definitely yearning for a Faygo Red Pop!

Anyway, give it a listen (and give it time, it has sound bars and credits in the beginning).    

   Did I mention he is working on his PhD and aims to be a school superintendent?

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