Monday, August 29, 2011

Are You Ready For Some Foosball?

When the Redskins played Baltimore in exhibition action the other day, a Duck picked off a Duck.   Talmadge Jackson intercepted Kellen Clemens' fourth quarter pass.  The significance in this?   Ducks are everywhere in the NFL.   It used to be that you might see one or two U of O alums playing with the big boys, but last year 30 players on 20 different teams earned active roster spots.   I'm not a real big NFL fan, but I like to watch games when I can cheer for former Ducks.

LSU has outdone us in pre-season problems!   While we wait for more information on the Willie Liles investigation, the LSU arrests makes our situation look pretty insignificant.  The question always posed is what is wrong with these kids and why aren't we doing a better job of teaching them how to behave.   Now I know this idea seems pretty drastic, but how about making players live in a supervised complex with imposed curfews?   This might help with some late-night poor decisions.   I know, you can't supervise them all the time, but this could start the ball rolling.

And now as we are only a few days away from the season opener, I am going to prepare myself by watching The Waterboy for the 207th time. 

Its time for the Ducks to open a can of whoop ass
'an go on out and play that foosball!

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