Friday, August 12, 2011

A Little Nicked Up?

The recent tirade by Alabama coach Nick Saban prompted by reports of Alabama injuries just confirmed my opinion of him.

Maybe a little too much public ego involved in his coaching, you can't be on the cover of Forbes Magazine every month.

Sure, every coach has to have a bit of an ego, but Nick, geez, stop reading message boards about your team.   Inaccuracies, speculation, and gossip are all a part of boards.   If it was real journalism (are you listening RG?), they would double check their sources.  All this because you were voted pre-season #2?   Calm down and coach your team, isn't that what they pay you the $4 million a year to do?  Be careful Tide Hopeful, if it gets a little too rough you might just lose your coach like the Dolphins did after the 2006 season.

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