Friday, February 25, 2011

A Lesser of Two Evils

I don't know which is worse, a used car salesman or a weatherman.

    First, the used car salesman. 

  Yes, I said "used car", not the gentler, kinder "pre-owned car".   C'mon you don't change our attitude towards the profession by simply changing the label.   Ducks would still hate the Trojans if their name was the Southern Cal Kitties.   A cow pie by any other name would smell just as bad (apologies to Shakespeare).  This is a profession that tries to make us believe someone else's cast off is just what you need.  "What's it gonna take to get you in this car today?" 

And now the weatherman.  This guy hits you with limitless amounts of techno babble all to make you believe they can predict the upcoming weather.   Charts, doppler radar, and animated maps are all just smoke and mirrors of this modern day Snake Oil Salesman.   I would just as soon go ask Old Leonard down the street how his rhumatis' is doing.   He's far more reliable than the "Meterologists" we have spewing false predictions.

 You may be asking yourself, why is the Coach going off like this. 
 Answer, the weather people in our area predicted a great snowfall for the Willamette Valley the past week.   One to five inches were predicted on the Valley floor.   They hammered us with this prediction for days and then.....barely an inch fell which melted off immediately.   I was hoping for that magic that comes with a new snow, instead we barely got a tease.  
We'd be better off with a monkey throwing darts at a prognosticating dart board. 

With that my answer as to who is worse - definitely the weatherman.

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