Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Break Up The Ducks!

     In an earlier blog, I had insinuated that the Duck Men Hoopsters would be hard pressed to compete in the Pac-10.    Once again, I am wrong!   When Dana Altman was hired as head coach, most of us said, "Dana Who?"   We now know he is as close to a miracle worker as we have ever had here at Oregon.   Undersized and undermanned, he has these Ducks believing in his system and playing their tail feathers off.  The results so far include wins over five Pac-10 opponents.  Most impressive was their sweep of the Washington schools.   Can they keep it up?   We all hope so. 

With that, I am awarding my first Winged Zed of the basketball season
to Coach Dana Altman
Thanks for becoming a Duck.

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