Saturday, February 19, 2011

Dancers vs Dribblers

Last week my family attended our first game at Matt Court 
and the place is spectacular.   
     It only took a second for this Alum to push aside the past and embrace the present.   The U of O has a winner with the Saturday promotion for Lady Duck basketball at $2 per seat.   Two bucks makes it affordable for this area's economically-challenged to take in an event at the jewel of the U of O's athletic machine.   Heck, the music provided by the Green Garter Band is worth more than that!   Still, a hot dog for $4.50 keeps me from reaching for my wallet at the concession stand.   Now on to the game (there was a game, right?).   I am the only sports nut in my family and the only male (can't count the neutered cat now, can we).   I am surrounded by dancers, both teachers and performers - they are not sports freaks like me.   With that in mind, if the dancers can pick out flaws in the Duck's game, you know the Green and Yellow are in trouble;

Dancer, "Are they supposed to dribble the ball that high?"
Coach, "Nope, that's why USC is stealing it."
Dancer, "Shouldn't they make the basket when they are so close?'
Coach, "You would hope so."
Dancer, " Shouldn't we pass to our own players?"
Coach, "That's what Coach Westhead is telling them."

I hope they can step it up when we go back in March for another $2 game.   However, one dancer has said that if she returns, she will bring a book to read.   Oh well, just goes to show most sports fans are born, not made.

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