Friday, February 11, 2011

When Will They Learn

UCLA forward Reeves Nelson recently stated to the LA Times, "I'm not going to try and bad-mouth the kid because I know he plays hard," Nelson said of Singler, "but I'm just going to try and not let his cheap shots get in my head..."   
OK Reeves, nice quote.   Didn't bad mouth him didja, oh wait you said his "cheap shots" won't get in your head.   Listen you spoiled L.A. Prima Donna (oh sorry, no offense intended), Singler plays hard on a team that is woefully undersized and they did a number on you.   Just admit your shortcomings and play better the next time.   0 points on 0 shots on the first meeting is not due to cheap shots, it is due to good defense and hustle, give the Ducks some credit.   
Get over it, get another tattoo, and practice your game, geez! 

And so with me finally embracing that football is over and the basketball season is in full swing, it is time for a basketball edition of the 
Cry Baby Award.   
It goes to none other that the aforementioned 
Reeves Nelson
 Squirt me some tears big guy!

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