Thursday, January 27, 2011

BCS Winged Zed & Thanks

My final Winged Zed for this football season goes to
 Marvin Johnson
for calling and catching the pass on 
the fake punt in the BCS Championship Game.
A leader on all special teams, Marvin ended 2010 with 26 tackles.

I guess it is really over when you decide to delete the BCS Championship Game from your DVR.
 Time to let it go, and move on.   BUT, I would like to echo the sentiment that it is time for us to have a tournament to decide the national champ.   Thirty-five days off cheated all of us the offensive show we deserved as both Duck and Tiger fans.   The layover dulled the sharpness of these offenses from lack of game competition.  A 64 team tournament would take 6 weeks to complete.   If they started the week of Thanksgiving, skip the week of Christmas, the final would take place January 8th in 2012 (I base my schedule on Saturday dates when college football should be played).  Unfortunately, the NCAA lives in fear of the bowl organizers and corporate sponsors (see the decision to allow the 4 Ohio State players to participate in the Sugar Bowl).   Last year 70 teams played in bowl games, my format cuts it by 6.  Drop a few of those 6 win teams that, in all honesty, did not belong in post season and we have a real championship series.

And now, 
Thanks to this Duck team that took us on a ride 
we never would have dreamed of.  
It was like going from the Ferris Wheel at the fair 
 to Space Mountain in Disneyland.   
It had a few downs, but overwhelmingly it had ups.   After last summer, most of the Duck faithful wondered where we would go without Masoli.   Answer: further than our wildest imagination.   This group of Ducks will go down as the finest in the history of the program.   Coach Kelly has proven in two years he ranks at the top of the coaching class in the NCAA.    Can you believe his two year record 
is 22 - 3?  Thanks guys, when I wear my Duck stuff on vacation, I'm sure I will get a few comments, "Go Ducks" instead of "who dat"?
 Can't wait until next year....

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