Friday, January 7, 2011

No Luck for the NFL

Imagine this, a sure first round draft pick, probable number 1 in the entire draft, set to earn millions - deciding to remain in school and earn his degree.   Andrew Luck made this decision and showed me more character than anyone I can think of in recent sports history. Not only is this a tribute to his character, but to the upbringing his parents provided.   As a Duck fan, I hate to see him back.   As an observer of  human character, I applaud him.   Whatever NFL team chooses Luck in 2012, I will instantly become a fan.  His decision shows his dedication to his education and his team mates.   In a society that hops to the next best thing regardless of finishing previous commitments, Andrew shows us there are athletes who follow through.   Thanks Andrew, you made my day. 

And now to a special Winged Zed.
This one goes to 
The Luck Family
Andrew for his outstanding personal qualities 
and to his parents, Oliver and Kathy, for teaching him well.
Maybe Andrew can get a summer internship as an Integrity Coach for Ohio State, 
Lord knows they could use one.

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