Friday, January 14, 2011

A Cluster of Thought

This just in... Chizik's Tigers Lack Class! 
   At first I thought it was just me, a little sensitive after the loss.  But, after searching the blogs there were some others that made similar observations.   Gene Chizik refused to acknowledge and congratulate his opponents following Auburn's win of the national title.  D lineman Nick Fairley (kinda ironic to have a name like this when he's a master of the cheap shot) ran his mouth regarding his domination of the Oregon line.  According to more comments by Chizik, apparently the Ducks did not stand a chance since there was a divine plan in place for the Tigers.   C'mon Gene do you really think there is an Auburn Tiger banner in Heaven?

   After the BCS loss, one of the Eugene television sportscasters said the Ducks had nothing to be ashamed of.   What would they have to be ashamed of?  A perfect conference season?   The highest scoring offense in the nation?   The nation's leading rusher?  Ashamed would be if our QB's dad had tried to broker a deal for pay for play.  A bit of advice to this joker from Honest Abe,  "Better to be silent and thought a fool, than to speak and remove all doubt."

Even It Up!

   BCS post game comments by Nick Saban and Urban Meyer, two SEC dinks.   Geez, ESPN, couldn't you replace one of these two with a Pac-10 coach to keep it from becoming an SEC love fest?

     What is wrong with the OSU fans?   They are just ecstatic over the Ducks' loss in the BCS Championship.  I don't understand, sure we beat you last year for the conference title, and sure we beat you this year to keep you out of a bowl game, and sure we have the best facilities in the Pac 10.....uh OK, maybe I get it.   BUT, I still cheer for our "little cousins" when the play anyone else but the Ducks.   C'mon Beavs show a little love.

Roll out the Welcome Matt
     From the television shots (I can't afford tickets to see a game in person until Bi-Mart does a 2 for 1), Matt Court is a spectacular venue for college basketball.  That floor, however, is just plain ugly.  It looks like somebody finger painted it with baby food.  Yikes!

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