Thursday, January 6, 2011

Some Thoughts

* Coach Jim Tressel & Sugar is Sweet
     I thought Coach Tressel was a stand up guy.  WRONG!  His buddy, former Detroit linebacker Chris Spielman, stated on TV that he thought Coach T would hold the rules violators out of the Sugar Bowl for at least a quarter.   But when the advertisers and bowl organizers pitched a fit, he made his boys promise to return next year - if he played them them in the game.  They promised, and they played, and I so sure they will honor their promise to return - ........yeah and the check is in the mail.
* Rumors
     I heard the 2011 Sugar Bowl MVP trophy is listed on E-Bay.

I also heard that you can buy a ticket to the 
2011 National Championship Game for $180,000.   
Contact Cecil at 555-555-5555.

* In the small world department.  Daughter #1 of the Coach is on her honeymoon in Key West, FL.   In their adventures around town, she was surprised to find a green sign on a building that says "Southern Most Duck Nation".  Turns out the owner's wife is from Eugene and is a huge Duck fan. 

* Once, again, I poke fun at a team and they rise up.   Washington put a smack down on the Huskers in the Holiday Bowl after I asked if anyone was predicting Nebraska by 30.   Congrats to the Dawgs and shut my mouth.

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