Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Do You Feel A Draft?

Time for the underclassmen to declare their intentions - stay in school, honor a commitment to their teammates and school or head off for the NFL draft.   I guess you can see where I sit on this issue.

Jacquizz Rogers
     Recently, one of my Beaver Believer friends told me that 'Quizz has been 
compared to Barry Sanders.
  Sure, Mr. Rogers is a good back, but lets not get carried away.  That would be like comparing me to Ernest Hemingway!   Oh by the way, have I ran my book idea by you all?   I plan to call it "The Old Man and The Z" or maybe 
"For Whom the Ball Rolls", any of those sound good to you?  
I smell a Pulitzer, or is it the litter box....

Cam Newton
    The Steve Miller Band calls this one, "Go on, take the money and run".   
 Good idea, get out of Auburn before the NCAA grows a spine and imposes sanctions on the Tigers for daddy's "pay for play" scam.   More rats off the sinking ship, d-lineman Nick (un)Fairley and receiver Darvin Adams.  
must see the writing on the wall....

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