Saturday, June 22, 2013

Decisions, Decisions

     The sole purpose of the Eugene school district should be to enhance the education and lives of our kids.   It seems that holding on to the Civic Stadium property is a big question for many locals.  It just sits there and wastes away.  The local YMCA has offered $3.5 million to build a recreation and community center, Fred Meyer has offered $4.75 million to build a shopping center.   The school board is on break until Aug. 14th, but when they re-convene the message needs to be sent, families over fortune, make the decision and stop wasting more time.

Changed your mind have you?

     The U of O has decided to review the $500,000 royalty policy for use of their logo.   Currently 100 businesses are licensed to use the logo paying a minimum of $2000.  Businesses have until July 8th to submit "bids".   Just who do you think will win these bids?  UO's director of marketing and brand management Matthew Dyste  stated, “If we get a successful bidder, we will have fewer companies involved in our licensing business but generating additional revenue for the institution.”  I would not wish the U of O to break from their recent trend of powering up their revenue at the expense of the little guy, so forge ahead Oregon - no matter who you trample on your march to the big Duck bucks.

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