Sunday, November 18, 2012

Tanks, Tanks A Lot

The sun came up this morning like any other, 
oh wait we are in the Willamette Valley....   
Start again.    
The rain fell this morning like any other, 
the world did not come to a crashing halt just because 
the Oregon offense took the previous night off against Stanford.   

The defense did more than enough to win the game, but the blur became slo mo and in the end we had to leave it up to a kicker.   Not really football players, kickers wait on the sideline until the offense is stopped from dancing in the end zone and then they trot out in semi-football gear and swing their leg.   This is not a familiar sight for Duck fans, we are accustomed to watching a lineman lift a running back in celebration, not folding our hands in prayer as some soccer cast-off attempts to kick it through the uprights.  And so it goes, one loss - one stinkin' loss and our hopes for a national title become dim.   
Heck, national title, what am I saying, 
our chances of playing for the conference title are dismal.  
We could hope for UCLA to help us out, 
but when have they done us any favors, other than to fire New Weisel?    
So here we are, hoping Mora's Cubs can put together a game plan to score more than the paltry 14 points Oregon managed.   

But, there are thoughts of an impending turkey feast, a Black Friday frenzy, our traditional Thanksgiving Day movie, and ........... THE CIVIL WAR!!! 
 #5 Oregon vs #16 Oregon State
Bring it Flat Tails!!

Oh, and by the way,
Detroit found a way to lose to Green Bay on Sunday, hoo boy.....

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