Sunday, November 11, 2012

A Handfull

     While meeting with a philosophical society I belong to, it was pointed out that I have small hands.   So much so, that it brought hilarity to the group.  No worries, it did not do irreparable harm to my psyche.   Having spent so much time in the athletic world, I have developed that currently-uncommon ability to laugh at myself.   Locker room jabs hit everyone in my era and you learned to not take yourself so seriously that you allow the good natured jabs that are thrown you way to cause cranial distress.   But, in some instances, the Geek God of small hands, Manipulus, fires back at the tormentors of the miniscule-mitted.   A staunch Beaver Believer was one of the most vocal of my hand hecklers.    On Saturday, the Beavs lost to the Stanford Cardinal.   Late in the 4th quarter, OSU QB Cody Vaz fumbled to give Stanford the ball, which led to the winning touchdown for the Cardinal.   The problem?  Vaz has small hands.    Hmm, you never know when Karma will rise up and bite you on the Vaz.

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