Saturday, October 13, 2012

Yankees = Hate

     I was raised to hate the dreaded Yankees, I'm sure my Father put these thoughts in my head early in my childhood.   I had been taught that George Steinbrenner was the right-hand of the devil.  I am definitely not alone.   When I Googled Yankee Haters for this entry, the amount of graphics just kept coming.   It seems the distaste for the Pin Stripers is wide-spread. 

      But, I have to admit there are some Yankees that I actually wish well.   Not the traitor A-Rod, gee, sorry to see him benched.   How about Raul Ibanez, I like him as a Mariner and a Phillie, now he's a pinch hit, home run machine.   Curtis Granderson was great as a Tiger, but Motown needed to reduce payroll and let him go.  And, finally, Ichiro.   The heart and soul of that AAA team known as the Seattle Mariners.  I am happy he is with a team where can finally play in post season, just not too long in the post season.

Now if you were not genetically predisposed to hate the Yanks, 
the next graphic should seal the deal...
 'Nuff Said.

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