Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Cabrera, Simply The Best

     Miguel Cabrera did what no one has accomplished in baseball since Yaz in 1967 - The Triple Crown!   Non-baseballers can not appreciate the enormity of this feat, to lead in all three hitting categories takes incredible skill and a bit of luck.  His final stats - .330 batting average, 44 home runs and 139 RBI's.  He just etched his name along side greats such as Mickey Mantle, Ted Williams, Lou Gehrig, and Rogers Hornsby.     He has to be a shoe-in for MVP, leading his Tigers to the divisional championship.  

As Tina Turner sings,

"You're simply the best, 
Better than all the rest, 
Better than anyone...."

Now go out and get me the braggin' rights to the World Series Championship!

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