Saturday, September 22, 2012

You Never Know

I got up this morning to check the latest news on-line when my wife informed me that our daughter was headed to that tie-dyed fair known as Saturday Market and her friend's Mother was picking her up in about 45 minutes.    

I started flying around the house - got dressed, got the mower out, and started tidying up the front yard.   About a month ago I gave up the war with my yard, the Battle for the Bluegrass was won by the sun.   It mostly resembles a very short wheat field ready for harvest, but, it looks a bit better when the combine has made a few passes.

While I was mowing, a couple of groups of bicycle riders went past.   One rider stopped in front of my house and was checking his rear wheel - flat as singer out of pitch.    

His buddies rode back to him and they huddled to figure out a solution.   Seeing their dilemma, I went into the house and got our tire pump and walked over to the group.    The guy said he had just put air in and he must have a puncture.    After they thanked me a couple of times, I went back to mowing the lawn.    

 Now, you are asking why is he telling us this snoozer of a story?    

One of the bike riders was none other than Tony Dungy, Super Bowl Champion coach and current NFL TV analyst.
I took some heat from my daughter, "Why didn't you get an autograph?"   I just figured he didn't need to be hassled and he should get to enjoy his bike ride.  

It just goes to show you, keep your eyes open, you never know who you'll run into.   Wait, did I just see Elvis at Voodoo Donuts......

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